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I’m DeAndre Hall

I’m DeAndre Hall and I cordially invite you to join my Candidacy in running for the Sheriff of Macon-Bibb County. I’m 35 years old born and raised in Macon Georgia. Currently I’m entering my fourteenth year in Law Enforcement. At the age of 22 I began my career with the Georgia Department of Corrections before being hired with the Macon Police Department in 2011. I worked for the Macon Police Department until consolidation with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Department in 2014. I had the privilege of working the Patrol Division where I served the community for 7 years before being promoted to Detective in the Criminal Investigations Division. For the past 5 years I’ve investigated cases in the Violent Crimes Unit where I specialized in working Homicides, Aggravated Assaults , Sexual Assaults, and Robberies. From 2021-2023 I served as a member of the Macon-Bibb Hostage Negotiation Team. While appreciative of the knowledge and experience the Sheriff’s Department has provided me with, it’s time to introduce fresh innovative ideas that’s up to date with the culture of our Community and the Sheriff’s Department. Macon is growing rapidly and we should be growing with it not against it. I humbly request your support to elect me as your next Sheriff. #TheTimeIsNow

Retention and Growth

I will introduce innovative hiring methods aimed at enhancing the department’s appeal, primarily by expanding job prospects as opposed to adhering to traditional practices. I would like to minimize response times, and create a larger presence of law enforcement personnel within our community. Given the alarming rise in gun violence, an amplified workforce will enable deputies to adopt a more proactive stance. My objective is to consistently sustain a decline in criminal activity over an extended period.

Reforming the Juvenile Justice System

In order to reintegrate community policing practices, it is imperative that we actively engage with our youth. This entails devising innovative programs tailored for both young individuals and adults who have repeatedly violated the law. By focusing on the rehabilitation of offenders, our aim is to transform them into productive and law-abiding members of society. In doing so, we not only contribute to the overall betterment of our community, but also foster a sense of responsibility and accountability among individuals who may have previously strayed from the path of lawful behavior.

New Correctional Institution

In response to the pressing need for improved conditions and enhanced safety measures for our correctional facilities, it is imperative that we embark on the formidable task of constructing a new jail facility or making renovations to our current facility. This will address the existing challenges faced by our current facilities and also ensure that our dedicated employees have access to a safer work environment. By investing in the development of a new or newly renovated facility we are demonstrating our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of justice and rehabilitation. We will provide the necessary space and resources to implement comprehensive inmate rehabilitation programs, fostering a more rehabilitative approach to corrections. A new facility will not only benefit the employees by minimizing risks but will also contribute to the overall well-being of the inmate population. By prioritizing renovations of our current facility or the construction of a new jail facility, we are making a substantial investment in the future of our criminal justice system, ensuring that it remains effective, humane, and conducive to the rehabilitation.

Enhancement of Public Safety: Establishment of a Police Precinct in the Downtown District

The iconic and vibrant Downtown Macon has long been recognized as a hub for entertainment, drawing visitors from near and far. In order to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of this cherished district, it is imperative that we bring a Police Precinct back to downtown, thereby creating a safe and secure environment for patrons to fully enjoy the diverse nightlife and annual festivities that define this area. By reestablishing a dedicated police presence in the heart of our community, we can effectively address any potential concerns related to public safety, fostering a sense of reassurance among residents, business owners, and visitors. The responsibility for ensuring public safety rests firmly with our law enforcement agencies, who play a pivotal role in upholding city ordinances and maintaining law and order. By establishing a Police Precinct in Downtown Macon, we are not only meeting the needs and expectations of our community but also alleviating any undue burden or accountability placed upon local business owners. This strategic move will effectively enhance public safety measures, contribute to the overall well-being of our community, and solidify Downtown Macon’s reputation as a premier destination for entertainment and enjoyment.


The Deputies of Bibb County are deserving of an implemented payscale, as well as incentive pay for specialized units, in order to address several pressing issues within the Sheriff’s Department. At present, the department lacks both of these crucial components, which has resulted in challenges related to employee retention.

Firstly, the absence of a comprehensive payscale has created a sense of uncertainty and inequity among the deputies. Without a clear structure in place, it becomes difficult for employees to understand how their salaries are determined and whether they are being compensated fairly for their efforts. By implementing a payscale, the department can establish transparent guidelines for salary determination and ensure that deputies are compensated appropriately based on their experience, qualifications, and performance. This will not only promote a fair and harmonious work environment but also demonstrate the department’s commitment to valuing the contributions of its deputies.

Secondly, the introduction of incentive pay for specialized units is crucial for the department’s overall effectiveness and success. Specialized units, such as SWAT teams, Criminal Investigations Divisions, Hostage Negotiation Team, EOD Bomb Squad etc.. All specialized units require additional training, skills, and extra commitment aside from their day to day assignments . By offering incentive pay for these units, the department can recognize and reward the dedication and expertise required to serve in these specialized roles. This will not only motivate current employees to pursue such positions but also attract new candidates with the necessary skills and enthusiasm, creating an overall better leadership team. Incentive pay has proven to be highly effective in keeping employees motivated, engaged, and focused on achieving departmental goals.

In today’s competitive job market, law enforcement agencies are vying for top talent, and offering an attractive compensation package is essential. A well-designed payscale, coupled with incentive pay for specialized units, will make the Bibb County Sheriff’s Department more appealing to prospective candidates. This will help the department in recruiting highly skilled individuals who can contribute to the overall safety and security of the county.